Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dress like Olivia Pope with The Limited's Scandal Collection
My first impression of Ms. Olivia Pope had nothing to do with her character- a scandalous yet fierce professional woman who gets "it" done. But it had everything to do with her wardrobe. Her wardrobe quintessentially befits the fashionable woman who can work a courtroom, hold her own in Congress and the White House, while running her own business.

Episode after episode, Pope, played by Kerry Washington, kills the scenes with structured power moves. I can only assume that her wardrobe purposefully matches those power moves. Whether she has a client to fix or when she is working as presidential staff woman at the White House, Pope wears clean and structured pant or skirt suits with chic blouses. She is never less than stellar with or without a blazer. Although her outfits are the utmost professional, they are still stylish and fashionable making a business professional woman look stellar when she steps into the room.

Every time I watched Scandal, my eyes were closely fixated on what Pope wore. I wanted to see what she wore and how she put the pieces together. It is important to walk in a room and own it. In the legal world, it is important for a lawyer to look the part when he or she meets with his or her clients and or advocates for a client in the court room. Of course there are no hard rules to this type of fashion except to simply look professional.

Kerry Washington's Instagram 
For the woman who wants to Dress like Olivia Pope, she can! Starting this September, women can shop the "Scandal Collection" at The Limited. The line features some of the looks that Olivia Pope will be wearing on set and is created by Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo and The Limited's head designer Elliot Staples. Kerry Washington even has input on the line. The 42 piece collection will range from $49 to $248.