Friday, November 30, 2012

Closet Essentials- Men's Edition with Derek Robinson

Proud to Present the Closet Essentials- Men's Edition (You can check out the women's edition here). Today's contributor is no other than Derek Robinson (see bottom). Fashion Legallaire was so excited to feature Derek because he is very fashionable, polished, never has an "off day."   So without further adieu, here is his take on what every man should have in his closet...

...Men’s Fashion has been really evolved over the past decade with new a jolt of ideas ranging from color to cut to chic. Yes, a man can be ‘chic’ lol. With gradients of ideas for men to choose from, banality can take a back seat and creativity can be king. In my observations and life experiences there are a few things I find ESSENTIAL in everyday versatile menswear.

  1. Polo – An item that works well in many situations. Polo’s are a great summer shirt but also suitable for work, happy hour, and wherever else your night may lead you. They come in a variety of colors but for a basic collection, start with navy blue, gray and dark green. Again, this is going to last a long time, so look for quality and comfort.

  1. Suit – Whether it be blue or navy, a suit is great for any man that on the go. A suit is good for the boardroom, courtroom, interviews, church, and formal events. A suit is very versatile when it comes to a day’s purpose. It is a great investment for any man. Also, a suit READY TO GO in a perfect fit, so after purchase, take your suit to a tailor to alter it to fit your physique.

  1. Ties – Every man should have one, no excuse! You do not need a tie with a lot of pattern unless that is your style, just a solid tie. Men should have the three basic colors: Republican Red, Democratic Blue and Jet Black. You can wear a tie with just about anything and become a magnet for looks.

  1. Khakis/Chinos – A simple pair of khakis or chinos make Casual Friday and Happy Hour meetings a little fun and exposes male creativity. Khakis are good casual wear whether they are wrinkled or pressed. They go with anything. Chinos have come in a wide variety of colors for men to choose from. Choose the best ones you like and pair it with a top: (polo, button-up or sweater) and you will be good to go.

  1. Dark Jeans - With jeans always go with a darker tint-it will make you look slimmer and heightens your Instagram likes. Having a darker pair of jeans makes its use versatile-from the office to the club or wherever you may travel.

  1. Blazer – This is another great staple for men to have in their closet. Unless you are the style guy, you only need 3 at maximum. Black, navy, and a special pattern or design depending on your taste. Blazers look good year round and give men a nice polished look. Pair it a nice handkerchief or an oxford shirt and you will be good to go. Again, all blazers are not made for “ready to go” fashion, please consult with a tailor to alter to your physique.

  1. Watch – A good time piece is good for any man, it makes you look professional and important. Put your phone down to look at your wrist and tell the time. Watches are not just for the elders, but for younger men as well. Coming in a variety of styles, there are a lot of looks to choose from. When picking out a watch there shouldn't be a need to find a watch to match your outfit unless you are that type of guy. A simple stainless steel or black watch will do you justice in your everyday wear. 

  1. The White Dress Shirt – Classic. This shirt is a staple in a man’s wardrobe. This type of shirt comes in a range of colors and patterns. You can dress up with a nice neck garment or dress it down with leaving the 2 top buttons undone and sleeves rolled up. There is no way around not having one.  A man that lives, whether you are a Justice of the Peace or looking for a nice shirt to take graduation photos in, a white shirt needs to be in your closet. Having this article of clothing will eliminate a lot of questions of “I don’t know what to wear”. Pairing a nice, crisp, white button up with any of the previous essentials will have you standing out. Wearing a white shirt brings attention to your upper body, so make sure your face and hair have been maintained. Another booster for your Instagram likes.

  1. Sneakers – This one is really up for grabs for the “Iconic” man. Sneakers can be used for any look. A good durable sneaker makes this Top 10 cut as this is where men get caught up with shoes lol. Durability and aesthetics are the key factors when it comes to a good pair of sneakers. I would go with a shoe that will not lose its social credibility. Converse “Chuck Taylor’s” have been able to break timeline barriers as they are still alive and well today. If you do not believe the Chuck Taylor look is for you, find any other shoes you believe can be a necessary staple for your closet.

    10. Dress Shoe - They say the first thing a woman notices on a man is his shoes. Regardless of whether     that is true or not, investing into a solid pair of black or brown wig-tip dress shoes will keep you looking sharp, whatever the occasion. Many men make the tragic mistake of investing into a great pair of dress shoes without the investment into the products that make them last. Ensure that your shoes are taken care off; this means cleaning, buffing, polishing and protecting them. Do this and they will last you years.

A little information about the Author of this article: Derek Robinson is a recent  graduate from the University of Houston.  This Austin native always strives to be ahead of the fashion game by setting new trends. Making bold statements is what strives him. He is so debonair that many dubb him Fonzworth Bently (Derek Watkins...go figure). Knowing that designing is in his DNA he has pursued a career as a graphic designer for events of all kinds. He has future plans to start his own men’s accessories line. Creating a dynamic and classic look for men of all ages and walks of life.

Fashion Legallaire's take: I have not met any other man who exudes more style and fashion knowledge than D. Rob! So if you have any questions about style hit him up on Twitter at @drob2clean

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

LuluLemon and Calvin Klein Settle the Yoga Pants Patent Infringement Dispute

Lululemon Athletica Incorporated is a Canadian yoga wear retail company. It recently filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Calvin Klein Inc. alleging that CK stole its(1) knee-length running tights and (2) overlapping waistband pants.

Today however, reports that Lululemon withdrew the case in a filing today in federal court in Wilmington, Delaware. The terms of the settlement are confidential, however, in the original lawsuit, Lululemon sought unspecified damages, including lost profits and royalties.

Here is a look at the two pants:

Patent Designs are not usually at the forefront of fashion law issues (trademarks and copyrights usually are) but they do come up. Patents are important because they speak not only to the physical design but the composition of different items and how they are designed to work.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Nike Sells its Cole Haan Brand for $570 Million

preponderance-of-fashion blog
preponderance-of-fashion blog
I wanted to share Fashion Blawger, my colleague's, article concerning Nike's plan to sell its Cole Haan brand to Apex Partners.  This educational article explains what issues a brand seller may consider when selling its brand.

Friday, November 16, 2012

So then I stumbled upon the 16 year old Fashion goddess-Fashion Prodigy Tevin Gevinson aka Style Rookie speaks on
Style Rookie
OMGoodness! Where do I begin with Tavi Gevinson aka Style Rookie? She is so ahead of her time at only 16 years old and has a snake eye for fashion and trends. A thrift shop lover it seems with a taste for couture is how I would describe her. She was a guest judge on Project Runway All Stars Season 2 Episode 3 (Get out!! no come on!) and this girl tells it like it is- a fashion must.

I was in awe from the first picture on her blog because it reminded me of the children models from the 70s in my music books from music class when I was in elementary school. I took one look and said, "She really took it there... awesome."
StyleRookie's Tumbler

MORE FROM STYLE ROOKIE'S TUMBLER (aka the pics I deemed sooo cool I had to reblog)

I saved the best pic for last! 

I really love vivid colors and color blocking but this blog (Style Rookie's) took me back to my childhood for real! Visual Aesthetics? Definitely.

I started watching Project Runway All Stars and literally one thing led to another.

I love fashion. It really excites me. Not a fan of too much television but when I do watch it, I really like watching Project Runway Season 2 Episode 3. It is a fashion design competition so bad (good) that I don't even think you qualify if you can not make your own stilletto shoe from scratch(seen it done before on the show and am still in awe).

So anywho, last week's episode's challenge was to make wearable art. The designers got inspiration from a graffiti (spray paint wall) and of course had to make it wearable. This challenge was pretty dope because the first thing that came to my head was STREET FASHION. Graffiti is so in touch with the streets so an opportunity to make it fine and chic art is amazing. I'm in love with all colors but I love vivid colors and bright colors are the first thing I think about when I think, hear, or see spray paint.

The designers went into their chambers to style and design away and I feel even more deeply in love with the designer Emilio Sosa. Below is his winning design from the graffiti challenge.

Project Runway All Stars 
First, this piece is giving me the vivid colors that graffiti art is all about. I wish I could find a picture of the model taking off her jacket because she wears a red haltered that fits into the pencil skirt. I LOVE IT and would wear it.

Here are some other great wears from the challenge:
Anthony Ryan's Dress
Project Runway AllStars 
Anthony Ryan really touched my heart when he said that he drew to fashion while beating cancer in lieu of family and friends. He is a great designer as this dress proves. From the front it screams I'm going to work (in a modern sense) and I love that high waisted fitted look paired with a cocktail length A-line. 

Project Runway Allstars

The Judges turned into OFFICIAL HATERS on this look. It is beautiful. The worst comment made was that   it made the model look TOO GIRTHY... Why? Because the dress gives or embellishes a beautiful figure? The judges got it wrong here in my opinion but hey I wouldn't expect them to go against the KATE MOSS slim look that the fashion world loves to promote yet try to fight against (models underwieight/ not eating). The next blog on Curves are Beautiful and Publicly Hated will be coming out soon. But anyway, this dress is awesome, a little too deep plunged V-neck but I love the velvet top and trim. 

From watching Project Runway Allstars, I stumbled upon the 16 year old fashion goddess-fashion prodigy Tevin Gevinson aka Style Rookie...... (next blog)

I love cliff hangers that come to a short end! lol

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Closet Essentials- Women's Edition

For some women apparel,shoe, and accessory shopping is no easy feat. It can be quite a tedious task. AND if she is not a careful shopper, she may easily splurge on pieces that can be found for an unbeatable price almost anywhere. OR, sometimes she may feel as though she has nothing to wear even with a closet full of clothes.

Well if SHE BE YOU, then Fashion Legallaire would love to give you some fashion tips on the necessary pieces that you should have in her closet. This items on this list are really simple and easy to find so it doesn't matter what budget you're on.

So let's begin.


1. Every woman needs a proper fitting brassiere. That's right ladies. Even though no one can see your bra (we hope) that does not mean that it should not fit well. Many women do not wear the correct size, which causes alot of problems. Go and get fitted. Most department stores have certified bra fit specialists like Nordstroms and Dillards. A proper bra not only holds the ladies up but it gives you great posture and boosts your confidence.  The cut, design, and fabric is essentially up to you. Lastly you will look better.PLEASE AND THANK YOU! :)

2. Every woman needs a white- collared button down shirt. This item can be paired with a professional suit, a business casual pair of trousers or skirt (and no suit jacket); and even a pair of blue jeans and heels for a chic day out on the town or a date. WOW! 4 OPTIONS ALL WITH A WHITE COLLARED BUTTON DOWN! The shirt is classic and as you have read, fits many occasions. Put it on when you are in doubt about what to wear. Now of course you can play with different solid colors or even spice it up with polka dots or stripes. Roll your sleeves up if you are on a casual dinner date. Either way you cannot lose without it. 

3. The Business Suit. For my women in the business professional arena, the business suit is a no-brainer. However, it is debatable because some women's lifestyle may not call for it; but she never knows when she need that certain job promotion or interview for a new job so a business suit may come in handy. It is an investment but it is a great investment so WHY NOT? Basic Business Suit Dress Code Starts right here and right now. It should not be too loud, so a black, grey, or navy tone will do. Make sure that the suit is nicely fitted- not too tight and too short because will not be respected. Pants or Skirt suits are different options. If a skirt suit, then it should rest not more than 2 inches above the knee. If a pant suit, then it should not be touching the floor or reveal your ankles. A camisole (dressier tank top) or blouse should be worn with a revealing suit jacket. She should keep her jewelry and accessories to a minimum-studs, pearls,necklace, 1 ring, or a watch. In regards to shoes, she should always wear a comfortable pump or heel that is not too high. If you do have to wear a transition shoe/flat, make sure that it matches the suit. The more she wear suits or the more comfortable she is in them, the more daring you can be with colored suits and accessories but please remain professional. Suit Shopping can be pricey and it is ok if she can't buy her suit from an expensive department store. Why?! Because suits and separates are available at Marshalls, TJMaxx, J.C. Penny, Ross, and the like. Just be sure that your separates match or are in sync. 

4. Accessory Time! This is the easy part. One does not need much in this area. A pair of studs and a necklace will do. Fashion Legallaire always keeps a pair of diamond studs, pearls, and hoop earrings handy. This is the time to pull out that keepsake ring or necklace if you do not have a many in your collection. Whatever you wear, keep it simple- it's more classy/chic that way. She can splurge and get the real deal or you can be thrifty.. 

5. Shoes! Every women's closet should host a nice pair of comfortable flats and a nice pair of pumps. Flats are super easy on the feet and can be dressed up or dressed down. She cannot go wrong. Pumps are  lower heeled shoe. These too can be dressed up or dressed down whether walking through the city, going to work, or out on a date. Now the picture may be a pair of Louboutin's but why pay more when you can pay less. 

6. All women need a purse or work bag. It does not matter if it is a big work bag or small wristlet, it should be appropriate for your outfit and your setting. But what we do know is SHE'S NOT CUTE holding cellphone, driver's license, lip gloss, and other items in her hand so bag it up! She doesn't carry too much stuff in her hand? No worries. Get a wristlet or small bag to carry in hand. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tory and Chris Burch Feud over Fashion Business Dispute.

This divorced couple are currently fighting in court with a 6 count lawsuit. Chris is suing Tory for breach of contract related to his stake in Tory burch LLC and interference with his business operations; and Tory is suing Chris for stealing trade secrets to produce a low-end, knock-off brand. That brand being C. Wonder, which Chris started early this year. It is very similar to Tory Burch but a lot more affordable.

But can Tory really prove that Chris committed stealing trade secrets? Chris Burch has helped launch many fashion brands including the one he started with Tory in 2004, Tory Burch, a $2 billion dollar empire.

In a statement given to NBC News before he filed the lawsuit, Chris said,
“While my relationship with Tory did not succeed, we are absolutely committed to co-parenting our wonderful children. My focus today is on my various brands and projects, including C. Wonder, Poppin, and 9 Christopher. I wish Tory and her team nothing but the best and look forward to the brand's continual growth.”

But now the tone of the parties has gotten a little bitter since the lawsuit officially began. Chris made public statements belittling Tory's artistic touch at Tory Burch saying Tory Burch didn't invent the cardigan sweater or the ballet flat. He also said that she doesn't have a monopoly on bright colors or gold buttons and thatC. Wonder has the same right to these timeless and basic elements as every other brand. Moreover, Chris says that her background is in public relations and apparel marketing, not design. Therefore, Tory does not have the core business experience necessary to assemble a team of top executives. <<< OUCH!!

Hmm, I wonder if Chris' statement would change if another brand embellished its clothes, shoes, and accessories with these "timeless and basic elements." Funny enough the Trial Judge Leo Strine of Delaware Chancery court called this case a "drunken WASP fest" (WASP stands for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant aka East Coast Preppies.)

More updates to come.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Khroma versus Chroma versus Kroma: a likelihood of Confusion?

The Kardashians are no stranger to commercial success or lawsuits. In the latest of the two, the Kardashians have filed two applications to register trademarks containing the word "Khroma" to use with cosmetics. Bloomberg Businessweek reports that these two applications are among 50 trademarks and pending applications filed by the Kardashians!

Oh but wait! There is another cosmetic boutique that goes by the same or similar name, Chroma Makeup, located in Beverly Hills, California. The owner stated via his website that he has retained legal counsel and "hopes to persuade the Kardashians to change the name of the Kroma line.

The owner also stated that he has "received multiple inquiries from clients who mistakenly assumed his company is associated with the Kardashians."  Fashion Legallaire's Assesment: This fact would support the argument that there is a likelihood of confusion between the two names Khroma and Chroma.

Oh but wait- There's more! A cosmetic boutique named Kroma (no H), located in Maitland, FL sent the Kardashian's a cease and desist letter to stop Krhoma from using the name Kroma as well. Yep you have guessed it right! Krhoma is confusingly similar to Kroma as well. The FL boutiuque says that they filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and already locked down the legal rights to the name back in January. Check out their page and see what they have to say about the whole situation.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cadbury Wins Lenthy Trademark Battle with Nestle for the Color Purple
If  Louboutin (red) and Harrods (green) can, Cadbury (purple) too. Alas, we are at the end of the long dispute between Nestle and Cadbury, two chocolate confectionary power houses, for the color purple, which dates back to 2008 when Veyvey, Switzerland-based Nestle opposed Cadbury's initial application for a color trademark.  A high court in the United Kingdom recently ruled that Cadbury now has the exclusive right to a certain shade of purple (Pantone 2685C) on its dairy milk packaging. This point is interesting because the first district court in the Louboutin case opinioned that the Pantone color identification did not matter. Of course the Louboutin case is a different jurisdiction entirely (NY, USA) and the Louboutin decision was partially overturned after appealed, but I wonder if that point is still valid in the U.S.

Anyhow, a look at what the Judge in the chocolate dispute had to say:

“Since single colours per se are, as a matter of European law, capable of being signs … (i.e. they are capable of being a sign, capable of being represented graphically and capable of distinguishing) then … in my judgment the colour purple (Pantone 2685C) applied to the whole visible surface, or being the predominant colour applied to the whole visible surface, of the packaging of chocolate, is capable of being a sign within [the terms of EU trade mark law]”.
                                                                                                           - David Reilly at

In October 2004, Cadbury applied for the trademark but its rival Nestle argued that colors could not be practically trademarked for commercial advantage. Well now, isn't Cadbury glad for the Louboutin, Tiffany, and Harrods ruling which all hold that the acquired user have rights to their prospective colors? Or at least there is more supporting law on the books for other companies who will face the same trademark color dispute.

Although a color victory for Cadbury, Nestle calls it a partial victory for Nestle and Cadbury because the Judge restricted the trademark to milk chocolate in bar and tablet form; milk chocolate for eating; drinking chocolate and preparations for making drinking chocolate. Nestle spokesman James Maxton says that the ruling protects Nestle brands by further limiting the range of goods for which Cadbury's application may be registered.

Fashion Legallaire's assesment: So since Cadbury can exclusive wrap it's milk chocolate in purple, that leaves other companies free to wrap their dark and or white chocolate in purple, but just not milk chocolate.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Is it Betsey Johnson or is it Forever 21?


Just 1 look of the various incidents of design copying.... Betsey J is to the left and XX1 is to the right.