Friday, May 17, 2013

The Great Gatsby, Fashion, and Canne.

So The Great Gatsby came out last Friday and instead of watching it, I just decided to re-read it. Well the way my U.S. secondary school education account is set up (Kevin Hart joke), I did not gain the necessary elements from this great classic the first time. So I'd rather read it again in my mid-twenties and understand the love life of the rich folk in the 20's. :). (Side Rant, I must reread many classics that were mandatory in school, because when forced to read in an academic setting, the fun is taken away and all I came away with was just enough to ace the quiz or exam).

So any who, the premier was in beautiful Canne, a dreamy destination adorned by fashion and the Mediterranean. To say that I love Canne is an understatement. My time there was filled with the beach, shopping, gyros, European salads, and wine. To top it off, I got to stay in my hotel. Yes, the Stephanie Palace. After all, Stephanie does mean royalty.

All photos of Solange courtesy of

Here is the beautiful Solange Knowles, never short of amazing when it comes to fashion and music. She definitely exemplifies the movie and South France in her Nude Stephane Rolland dress, tangerine lips/nails, and champagne gold accessories. :)

Now a trip down memory lane of me in Canne. Join me will you.

Your Truly of course, chillin on the Mediterranean. 

Me on the Meditterranean

My namesake Hotel

We know France is A1 when it comes to fashion

orange nails and parrot ring :)

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