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Exclusive Interview with Stephen Goudeau of Studio 6th Sense

New York Fashion Week 2013 is going strong in its second week. And In honor of the most fashion famous week, Fashion Legallaire got the privilege of speaking with fashion designer Stephen Goudeau, creator of Studio 6th Sense, a mysterious and elegant, yet sexy clothing line. 

Since his start on the fashion scene, Shreveport, Louisiana native Stephen Goudeau has twice premiered Studio 6th Sense on the stages of New York Fashion Week. As one of the most famous fashion weeks of the world, we know that if you make it there, you have really made it as a fashion designer. 

So without further adieu, the interview:

1.      How did you get your start as a fashion designer? 
Well Growing up I  have always had an eye for fashion and all types of art.Inspired by history, my love of music, and everyday surroundings, I began to create my own fashion ensembles. In contribution to the love of drawing and sketching, I  took an interest in fashion design in 1999. Sixth Sense decided to convert into a business in 2004 and then became known as Studio Sixth Sense.

2. How did you come up with the name Sixth Sense?
 We were blessed with 5 senses. Our 6th sense being, the sense of style, the uniqueness of each woman that is illustrated in the way that they embrace their "uncommon" alter ego. Fashion is something that lives inside of you. Just like our senses.

3. As a young designer in the fashion industry, what new things have you learned?
 The importance of being passionate about your brand. There are so many obstacles to putting on a fashion showing, marketing, advertisement, etc. One of the most important things is to have a great team behind you. And at Studio Sixth Sense we are a family and we support each other. That is the main key to our success.

4. As a fashion business owner, how important is it for you to protect your designs and company brand?  
It is very important. My ideas and designs are my own. I get inspiration from a number of places but at the end of the day I turn it into my own piece, my own imagery. That should belong to me, its only fair.

5. How does a fashion designer get to present his/her fashions at New York Fashion Week (NYFW)? 
 Hard work and dedication. My team and I have continuously promoted and advertised our brand on social networks, websites, etc. Branding is the key to getting  your name out. We were able to grasp the attention of the right people and before we knew it our NYFW opportunity was before us.

6. When you first found out that you would be featured at NYFW where were you and what was your first reaction?
 I was at home and I was shocked but humbled. I knew my designs would go big one day but when it happened I was stunned and ready. 
 7. What and or who inspires you as a fashion designer?I'm mostly inspired by the love of art and fashion, mixed with everyday beauty of the female. I love to see the structure and physique of everyday women. I want them to embrace and express themselves through Studio Sixth Sense clothing.
8. There has been failed attempt on Capitol hill for legislation that will protect designs through copyright protection. Some critics of the proposed legislation say that the bill should not pass because of (1) fashion trends live too short time span to really guarantee protection; and (2) no fashion is really original because it spawns from other creative designs and thus passing legislation for design protection would stifle future creative designs. What is your take on the proposed legislation and the criticism?
 I feel that either way, we are all inspired by each other. Every artist, designer, got their inspiration from something or someone that was created by another individual. Its hard to say that is my design, or that is my presentation. Sometimes great minds just think alike.
9. What inspired the "Eternal Submission" collection and why did you choose it as your NYFW debut?
  I guess I was inspired by the people’s resistance to feel free. So many times we stay inside the box for fear of what others may think or say. I wanted this collection to be daring, exotic, sexy. I want the consumers to look at the pieces and be shocked at the sexiness but embrace it because it is a work of art. In a perfect world, we would all submit to our desires, instead of being conformed to what we have come to know as “normal”

Eternal Submission

10. What are 5 words to describe the spirit of the fashion at Sixth Sense? 
 Daring, Individuality, Exclusivity, Mysterious, Inviting 

11. What can the public expect next from Sixth Sense?
 Another massive and mind altering line. This one edgier than the one before. We want to be bold, stand out, let the public know we are here to stay.

12. Where can the public find your fashions?

Instagram and Twitter:  @studio6thsense

Well there you have it! An exclusive interview with Studio6thsense. Check them out.   

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