Sunday, October 6, 2013

Is Prada Spring/Summer 2014 too Modern?

When you think of Prada, you may think about the women's designs that shadow the 30's and the 40's - tailored and classic dresses, skirts, pants, and blouses for women. Though traditional, this style is the foundation that built Prada and gives her the client fan base she has known since 1930. However, if you saw the spring and summer collections for next year, you will see that Prada looks very modern- popart-ish with bright colored designes. 

And in response, my friends and I had a few questions: were is this modern look too modern for Prada (if there ever is such a thing)? Is this the new direction of Prada or is this simply a collection? We figured that a fashion power house has to stay modern enough to stay fresh with the time and gain new or younger clients in addition to maintaining its true essence to keep their previous clients. Also, this could just be a collection. The creative director for this line is Prada's granddaughter Miuccia. She is a collector of contemporary art so that could explain her artistic focus and direction of this line. But no disrespect to Miuccia who introduced her first women's ready-to-wear collection that was critically acclaimed in 1989. The council of Fashion Designers of America presented her with the International award in 1993, a very prestigious award. 

The future can only tell us what direction Prada will continue to go in. A fashion house cannot win or keep everybody and neither should they try to make that its , but it is very important to keep delivering what the true clients want . 

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