Sunday, June 22, 2014

Make the Stain #1: Did River Island Knock Off the Nike 5.0 v 4 Trainers?

As fashion celebrates a new year for spring and summer 2015 Fashion Legallaire is proud to announce the first ever "Make the Stain" edition.

River Island Instagram Account 
Make the Stain is akin to "spilling the tea."  As we spill the tea in the fashion world, we will point out some possible fashion knock-offs or copy cats.

Our first contenders are the River Island trainers verses the Nike 5.0 v 4. Check out the running trainers from River Island in black and leopard print. They look very similar to the Nike 5.0 v 4 trainers in black- right down to the outer sole. The only thing missing is the Nike check on the sides and the Nike tag on the tongue.

Price? The River Island trainers are $50, half the price of the Nike 5.0 v 4 trainers which cost $100.

Not really sure about the quality of the River Island trainers but the Nike trainers definitely is a great running shoe.

high shoe market

New Balance filed suit against Karl Lagerfield for knocking off his sneaker design. In this trademark case, NB claims that Karl's shoes causes confusion. You can read more of the story at TMZ.

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