Thursday, November 30, 2017

Shanghai Black Fashion Week Presents Naya Fashion

Our first Shanghai Black Fashion Week designer is Sheila Boaduwaa Yeboah of  Naya Fashion, a colorful line that showcases african print in all of its pieces. 

1.What's your name and where are you from?

I am Sheila Boaduwaa Yeboah from Ghana, and I'm a medical student at Hebei North University China. 

2. What is the name of your Fashion Design and or Company? 

Naya Fashion is the name of my fashion house. Naya was adopted  from  my local  name "Nana Yaa". 

3. What type of fashion does your brand specialize in?

We specialize in clothes, slippers, and african printed accessories. We mostly base our designs on africanism while incorporating a little bit of Asian and western influence.
4. Did or do you study fashion or business? 

I have never been to any fashion or business  schools.

5. How did your journey begin? 

I began at the age of 15. I ordered a dress and I didn't  like  the outcome  so I tried to redo it and made it; I call it talent because nobody taught me how to sew.

7. How long have you been doing business in China? 

 2 years now

8. Which Chinese city do you live in? 

 Zhangjiakuo city, hebei province 

9.How and why did you start it in China? 

I made  fashion designs apart of me in china because  I love  to sew and now my fashion  designs are a hobby  turned profession. In my spare  time  I do a lot  with  my magical  hands; I make  anything  fashionable  including  hair.

10. What is it like doing business in China? 

It not easy but yet still reliable

11. Do you speak Chinese?

A little. 

12. How does speaking Chinese affect you doing business in China? 

It does  not  affect me

13. How does being a foreigner affect you doing business in China? 

 Almost all of the Chinese people do not purchase my products; they prefer their own home made stuffs.

14. How was your experience showcasing at SBFW? 

 It was my best experience. Almost everyone at the show that day  loved my designs; especially the models. 

15. Are you afraid that your products and or designs may be counterfeited and or knocked-off in China?  

Not at all because  my designs  are unique. 

16. How do you control and maintain the quality of your products during the manufacturing process?  

When ever  making a new design or product I try it on myself  first for some months and also  make  sure  I go in for the best raw materials 

17. What's special or different about your designs? 

 I base my designs  on africanism +Asian +Western [influence] which  makes  it  uncommon. 

18. Where can the public find your designs? 
On Facebook as Naya Fashion, Instagram as Nayafashion1, and Wechat as Nayasby.

21 Any other comments? 

Naya fashion wear your imagination 

SBFW showcases diverse and local underground talent throughout China in Shanghai. SBFW S/S 2018 is tba but stay connected with us for exclusive information. Stay tuned for our next SBFW designer interview.

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