Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MTV Sued for $30 Million for Allegedly not Registering Logos in Latin America

When Sam Panama Trading Co. signed a licensing deal with Viacom and MTV Networks, the parent and network company duo, the plan was for Sam Panama to offer MTV products in 30 countries within Latin America and the Caribbean. However, this plan came to a halt when Sam Panama discovered that MTV and Viacom "never registered the licensed marks and logos in many of the territories," the complaint reads  Moreover, Sam Panama says that these products were seized by authorities as infringing the trademark, copyright, and proprietary rights of third parties; and that MTV and Viacom "knew or should have known that third parties had or claimed to have the right to use the licensed marks and logos. Sam Panama claims to have allegedly invested "many millions of dollars" producing and marketing the Merchandise and are most likely going to request monetary damages for alleged breach of contract.

Fashion Legallaire's Assessment: In the business of fashion, it is very important to register all logos and trademarks in every country in which that company expands. This will help put a foundation for the brand and will help fight against any third party infringement. Moreover, every country will have different laws and regulations that a fashion company will need to comply with in order to positively expand the brand there.

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