Saturday, September 22, 2012

Should Maybelline Brush Up or Pay Up?

A court will have to decide the answer to this question. In recent fashion law news (like as in yesterday September 21st ) three women filed a complaint against the beauty power house for falsely advertising and overstating how long its Super Stay 14HR Lipstick and Super Stay 10HR Stain Gloss wears.

According to Carol Leebove, Wanda Santa and Denise Santiago, the lip wear fades after only a few hours even though "Maybelline leads consumers to believe that the lip wear stays vibrant and shiny, yet transparent and won't fade and has super staying power."
"The lawsuit alleges breach of warranty and violations of state consumer protection laws. Further, it seeks class action status, compensatory and triple damages, and other relief," says Jonathan Stempel of New and Insight at Reuters Legal. However. Rebecca Caruso, L'Oreal USA,  said that the company has not been served with the complaint and did not discuss ongoing litigation. If you were wondering, Maybelline is a New York based company within the unit of  L'Oreal which is based in Clichy France.

There will be more to come from this recent legal dispute but for now I want to get your opinion on this matter.  Both products sell for about $9. So would you sue a cosmetic company if you did not get the advertised result from your purchased lip wear? Just some thoughts to consider... litigation can be costly however, there are other alternatives that one may take in lieu of litigation. For example, returning products and contacting the business entity and giving them some polite and honest consumer feedback :) would be good alternatives.

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