Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gucci at Milan Fashion Week 2012

I am a huge Gucci fan. Not only is it very sexy, chic, and just plain fa-bu-lous, but Gucci is very wearable. I do not know about you, but personally, some runway pieces can seem outrageous and made for runway only. However, with Gucci, one can easily walk the runway or the streets.

 In Milan, Gucci embodied the trend/style of  2012-13. It featured looks pairing different fabrics together (velvet, feather, lace, silk chiffon); most of the clothes were rich fall colors (black, plum, deep greens, white, deep blue), and of course the models pouted in their deep plum/aubergine lipstick (definitely the fall color for lips every where). Gucci was on point. See some of Future Legallaire's favorite looks below.

Source: The Sartorialist

Source: www.fashiongonerouge.com

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