Monday, October 1, 2012

Zephyrs sues Victoria's Secret for Unlawfully Selling its Hosiery Design

After the contractual relationship for hosiery packaging between Victoria's Secret (VS) and Zephyrs ended, Zephyrs alleges that VS still unlawfully uses its hosiery packaging design and thus, this lawsuit was filed. Zephyrs is a manufacturing plant based in New Jersey. Since the contract between it and VS ended, VS moved to another hosiery supplier in Canada. However, Zephyr agents walked into a VS store in Chicago area and saw that VS was still using its packaging, but it is a little different, and in turn misleads the public.

According to, the packaging shows the style of the Zephyrs hosiery, which is a fish net style with a foot print on the bottom of the foot and a seam going up the calf. The new hosiery is a fish net without any of the details that Zephyrs has on the stocking. (see picture below)

Zephyrs on Left and VS on Right
PR News Wire
The Knock Off

PR News Wire

Sources at PR NewsWire say, "The complaint alleges that VS is misleading customers by selling the less expensive Canadian-made stockings while intentionally using photographs of Zephyrs-designed Italian-made stockings on packaging and in store displays."

 The case is captioned Runberg, Inc. d/b/a Zephyrs v. Victoria's Secret Stores, Inc., et al., 2:12-cv-722-EAS-MRA (S.D. Ohio)

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