Friday, November 30, 2012

Closet Essentials- Men's Edition with Derek Robinson

Proud to Present the Closet Essentials- Men's Edition (You can check out the women's edition here). Today's contributor is no other than Derek Robinson (see bottom). Fashion Legallaire was so excited to feature Derek because he is very fashionable, polished, never has an "off day."   So without further adieu, here is his take on what every man should have in his closet...

...Men’s Fashion has been really evolved over the past decade with new a jolt of ideas ranging from color to cut to chic. Yes, a man can be ‘chic’ lol. With gradients of ideas for men to choose from, banality can take a back seat and creativity can be king. In my observations and life experiences there are a few things I find ESSENTIAL in everyday versatile menswear.

  1. Polo – An item that works well in many situations. Polo’s are a great summer shirt but also suitable for work, happy hour, and wherever else your night may lead you. They come in a variety of colors but for a basic collection, start with navy blue, gray and dark green. Again, this is going to last a long time, so look for quality and comfort.

  1. Suit – Whether it be blue or navy, a suit is great for any man that on the go. A suit is good for the boardroom, courtroom, interviews, church, and formal events. A suit is very versatile when it comes to a day’s purpose. It is a great investment for any man. Also, a suit READY TO GO in a perfect fit, so after purchase, take your suit to a tailor to alter it to fit your physique.

  1. Ties – Every man should have one, no excuse! You do not need a tie with a lot of pattern unless that is your style, just a solid tie. Men should have the three basic colors: Republican Red, Democratic Blue and Jet Black. You can wear a tie with just about anything and become a magnet for looks.

  1. Khakis/Chinos – A simple pair of khakis or chinos make Casual Friday and Happy Hour meetings a little fun and exposes male creativity. Khakis are good casual wear whether they are wrinkled or pressed. They go with anything. Chinos have come in a wide variety of colors for men to choose from. Choose the best ones you like and pair it with a top: (polo, button-up or sweater) and you will be good to go.

  1. Dark Jeans - With jeans always go with a darker tint-it will make you look slimmer and heightens your Instagram likes. Having a darker pair of jeans makes its use versatile-from the office to the club or wherever you may travel.

  1. Blazer – This is another great staple for men to have in their closet. Unless you are the style guy, you only need 3 at maximum. Black, navy, and a special pattern or design depending on your taste. Blazers look good year round and give men a nice polished look. Pair it a nice handkerchief or an oxford shirt and you will be good to go. Again, all blazers are not made for “ready to go” fashion, please consult with a tailor to alter to your physique.

  1. Watch – A good time piece is good for any man, it makes you look professional and important. Put your phone down to look at your wrist and tell the time. Watches are not just for the elders, but for younger men as well. Coming in a variety of styles, there are a lot of looks to choose from. When picking out a watch there shouldn't be a need to find a watch to match your outfit unless you are that type of guy. A simple stainless steel or black watch will do you justice in your everyday wear. 

  1. The White Dress Shirt – Classic. This shirt is a staple in a man’s wardrobe. This type of shirt comes in a range of colors and patterns. You can dress up with a nice neck garment or dress it down with leaving the 2 top buttons undone and sleeves rolled up. There is no way around not having one.  A man that lives, whether you are a Justice of the Peace or looking for a nice shirt to take graduation photos in, a white shirt needs to be in your closet. Having this article of clothing will eliminate a lot of questions of “I don’t know what to wear”. Pairing a nice, crisp, white button up with any of the previous essentials will have you standing out. Wearing a white shirt brings attention to your upper body, so make sure your face and hair have been maintained. Another booster for your Instagram likes.

  1. Sneakers – This one is really up for grabs for the “Iconic” man. Sneakers can be used for any look. A good durable sneaker makes this Top 10 cut as this is where men get caught up with shoes lol. Durability and aesthetics are the key factors when it comes to a good pair of sneakers. I would go with a shoe that will not lose its social credibility. Converse “Chuck Taylor’s” have been able to break timeline barriers as they are still alive and well today. If you do not believe the Chuck Taylor look is for you, find any other shoes you believe can be a necessary staple for your closet.

    10. Dress Shoe - They say the first thing a woman notices on a man is his shoes. Regardless of whether     that is true or not, investing into a solid pair of black or brown wig-tip dress shoes will keep you looking sharp, whatever the occasion. Many men make the tragic mistake of investing into a great pair of dress shoes without the investment into the products that make them last. Ensure that your shoes are taken care off; this means cleaning, buffing, polishing and protecting them. Do this and they will last you years.

A little information about the Author of this article: Derek Robinson is a recent  graduate from the University of Houston.  This Austin native always strives to be ahead of the fashion game by setting new trends. Making bold statements is what strives him. He is so debonair that many dubb him Fonzworth Bently (Derek Watkins...go figure). Knowing that designing is in his DNA he has pursued a career as a graphic designer for events of all kinds. He has future plans to start his own men’s accessories line. Creating a dynamic and classic look for men of all ages and walks of life.

Fashion Legallaire's take: I have not met any other man who exudes more style and fashion knowledge than D. Rob! So if you have any questions about style hit him up on Twitter at @drob2clean

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  1. Derek you have said a mouthful. These are so important. It gives a man an edge and a great air of confidence. These are must haves.