Thursday, November 15, 2012

Closet Essentials- Women's Edition

For some women apparel,shoe, and accessory shopping is no easy feat. It can be quite a tedious task. AND if she is not a careful shopper, she may easily splurge on pieces that can be found for an unbeatable price almost anywhere. OR, sometimes she may feel as though she has nothing to wear even with a closet full of clothes.

Well if SHE BE YOU, then Fashion Legallaire would love to give you some fashion tips on the necessary pieces that you should have in her closet. This items on this list are really simple and easy to find so it doesn't matter what budget you're on.

So let's begin.


1. Every woman needs a proper fitting brassiere. That's right ladies. Even though no one can see your bra (we hope) that does not mean that it should not fit well. Many women do not wear the correct size, which causes alot of problems. Go and get fitted. Most department stores have certified bra fit specialists like Nordstroms and Dillards. A proper bra not only holds the ladies up but it gives you great posture and boosts your confidence.  The cut, design, and fabric is essentially up to you. Lastly you will look better.PLEASE AND THANK YOU! :)

2. Every woman needs a white- collared button down shirt. This item can be paired with a professional suit, a business casual pair of trousers or skirt (and no suit jacket); and even a pair of blue jeans and heels for a chic day out on the town or a date. WOW! 4 OPTIONS ALL WITH A WHITE COLLARED BUTTON DOWN! The shirt is classic and as you have read, fits many occasions. Put it on when you are in doubt about what to wear. Now of course you can play with different solid colors or even spice it up with polka dots or stripes. Roll your sleeves up if you are on a casual dinner date. Either way you cannot lose without it. 

3. The Business Suit. For my women in the business professional arena, the business suit is a no-brainer. However, it is debatable because some women's lifestyle may not call for it; but she never knows when she need that certain job promotion or interview for a new job so a business suit may come in handy. It is an investment but it is a great investment so WHY NOT? Basic Business Suit Dress Code Starts right here and right now. It should not be too loud, so a black, grey, or navy tone will do. Make sure that the suit is nicely fitted- not too tight and too short because will not be respected. Pants or Skirt suits are different options. If a skirt suit, then it should rest not more than 2 inches above the knee. If a pant suit, then it should not be touching the floor or reveal your ankles. A camisole (dressier tank top) or blouse should be worn with a revealing suit jacket. She should keep her jewelry and accessories to a minimum-studs, pearls,necklace, 1 ring, or a watch. In regards to shoes, she should always wear a comfortable pump or heel that is not too high. If you do have to wear a transition shoe/flat, make sure that it matches the suit. The more she wear suits or the more comfortable she is in them, the more daring you can be with colored suits and accessories but please remain professional. Suit Shopping can be pricey and it is ok if she can't buy her suit from an expensive department store. Why?! Because suits and separates are available at Marshalls, TJMaxx, J.C. Penny, Ross, and the like. Just be sure that your separates match or are in sync. 

4. Accessory Time! This is the easy part. One does not need much in this area. A pair of studs and a necklace will do. Fashion Legallaire always keeps a pair of diamond studs, pearls, and hoop earrings handy. This is the time to pull out that keepsake ring or necklace if you do not have a many in your collection. Whatever you wear, keep it simple- it's more classy/chic that way. She can splurge and get the real deal or you can be thrifty.. 

5. Shoes! Every women's closet should host a nice pair of comfortable flats and a nice pair of pumps. Flats are super easy on the feet and can be dressed up or dressed down. She cannot go wrong. Pumps are  lower heeled shoe. These too can be dressed up or dressed down whether walking through the city, going to work, or out on a date. Now the picture may be a pair of Louboutin's but why pay more when you can pay less. 

6. All women need a purse or work bag. It does not matter if it is a big work bag or small wristlet, it should be appropriate for your outfit and your setting. But what we do know is SHE'S NOT CUTE holding cellphone, driver's license, lip gloss, and other items in her hand so bag it up! She doesn't carry too much stuff in her hand? No worries. Get a wristlet or small bag to carry in hand. 

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