Friday, November 16, 2012

I started watching Project Runway All Stars and literally one thing led to another.

I love fashion. It really excites me. Not a fan of too much television but when I do watch it, I really like watching Project Runway Season 2 Episode 3. It is a fashion design competition so bad (good) that I don't even think you qualify if you can not make your own stilletto shoe from scratch(seen it done before on the show and am still in awe).

So anywho, last week's episode's challenge was to make wearable art. The designers got inspiration from a graffiti (spray paint wall) and of course had to make it wearable. This challenge was pretty dope because the first thing that came to my head was STREET FASHION. Graffiti is so in touch with the streets so an opportunity to make it fine and chic art is amazing. I'm in love with all colors but I love vivid colors and bright colors are the first thing I think about when I think, hear, or see spray paint.

The designers went into their chambers to style and design away and I feel even more deeply in love with the designer Emilio Sosa. Below is his winning design from the graffiti challenge.

Project Runway All Stars 
First, this piece is giving me the vivid colors that graffiti art is all about. I wish I could find a picture of the model taking off her jacket because she wears a red haltered that fits into the pencil skirt. I LOVE IT and would wear it.

Here are some other great wears from the challenge:
Anthony Ryan's Dress
Project Runway AllStars 
Anthony Ryan really touched my heart when he said that he drew to fashion while beating cancer in lieu of family and friends. He is a great designer as this dress proves. From the front it screams I'm going to work (in a modern sense) and I love that high waisted fitted look paired with a cocktail length A-line. 

Project Runway Allstars

The Judges turned into OFFICIAL HATERS on this look. It is beautiful. The worst comment made was that   it made the model look TOO GIRTHY... Why? Because the dress gives or embellishes a beautiful figure? The judges got it wrong here in my opinion but hey I wouldn't expect them to go against the KATE MOSS slim look that the fashion world loves to promote yet try to fight against (models underwieight/ not eating). The next blog on Curves are Beautiful and Publicly Hated will be coming out soon. But anyway, this dress is awesome, a little too deep plunged V-neck but I love the velvet top and trim. 

From watching Project Runway Allstars, I stumbled upon the 16 year old fashion goddess-fashion prodigy Tevin Gevinson aka Style Rookie...... (next blog)

I love cliff hangers that come to a short end! lol

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