Tuesday, November 20, 2012

LuluLemon and Calvin Klein Settle the Yoga Pants Patent Infringement Dispute

Lululemon Athletica Incorporated is a Canadian yoga wear retail company. It recently filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Calvin Klein Inc. alleging that CK stole its(1) knee-length running tights and (2) overlapping waistband pants.

Today however, Businessweek.com reports that Lululemon withdrew the case in a filing today in federal court in Wilmington, Delaware. The terms of the settlement are confidential, however, in the original lawsuit, Lululemon sought unspecified damages, including lost profits and royalties.

Here is a look at the two pants:


Patent Designs are not usually at the forefront of fashion law issues (trademarks and copyrights usually are) but they do come up. Patents are important because they speak not only to the physical design but the composition of different items and how they are designed to work.

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