Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tory and Chris Burch Feud over Fashion Business Dispute.

This divorced couple are currently fighting in court with a 6 count lawsuit. Chris is suing Tory for breach of contract related to his stake in Tory burch LLC and interference with his business operations; and Tory is suing Chris for stealing trade secrets to produce a low-end, knock-off brand. That brand being C. Wonder, which Chris started early this year. It is very similar to Tory Burch but a lot more affordable.

But can Tory really prove that Chris committed stealing trade secrets? Chris Burch has helped launch many fashion brands including the one he started with Tory in 2004, Tory Burch, a $2 billion dollar empire.

In a statement given to NBC News before he filed the lawsuit, Chris said,
“While my relationship with Tory did not succeed, we are absolutely committed to co-parenting our wonderful children. My focus today is on my various brands and projects, including C. Wonder, Poppin, and 9 Christopher. I wish Tory and her team nothing but the best and look forward to the brand's continual growth.”

But now the tone of the parties has gotten a little bitter since the lawsuit officially began. Chris made public statements belittling Tory's artistic touch at Tory Burch saying Tory Burch didn't invent the cardigan sweater or the ballet flat. He also said that she doesn't have a monopoly on bright colors or gold buttons and thatC. Wonder has the same right to these timeless and basic elements as every other brand. Moreover, Chris says that her background is in public relations and apparel marketing, not design. Therefore, Tory does not have the core business experience necessary to assemble a team of top executives. <<< OUCH!!

Hmm, I wonder if Chris' statement would change if another brand embellished its clothes, shoes, and accessories with these "timeless and basic elements." Funny enough the Trial Judge Leo Strine of Delaware Chancery court called this case a "drunken WASP fest" (WASP stands for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant aka East Coast Preppies.)

More updates to come.

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