Friday, November 16, 2012

So then I stumbled upon the 16 year old Fashion goddess-Fashion Prodigy Tevin Gevinson aka Style Rookie speaks on
Style Rookie
OMGoodness! Where do I begin with Tavi Gevinson aka Style Rookie? She is so ahead of her time at only 16 years old and has a snake eye for fashion and trends. A thrift shop lover it seems with a taste for couture is how I would describe her. She was a guest judge on Project Runway All Stars Season 2 Episode 3 (Get out!! no come on!) and this girl tells it like it is- a fashion must.

I was in awe from the first picture on her blog because it reminded me of the children models from the 70s in my music books from music class when I was in elementary school. I took one look and said, "She really took it there... awesome."
StyleRookie's Tumbler

MORE FROM STYLE ROOKIE'S TUMBLER (aka the pics I deemed sooo cool I had to reblog)

I saved the best pic for last! 

I really love vivid colors and color blocking but this blog (Style Rookie's) took me back to my childhood for real! Visual Aesthetics? Definitely.

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