Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fashion Legallaire's Fav. Trend Alert: Tribal Wear

Harper's Bazaar February 2012 
To the left is a 2012 cover of Harper's Bazar showing sexy and timeless Demi Moore wearing a tribal embroidered strapless short dress.

Here at Fashion Legallaire, we love Tribal print because it is seasonal  adorned with any color/black-and-white, dressed up/down, different, and no print looks exactly the same.

A tribal wearer can always make a statement with his or her piece.

Whether worn on clothes, shoes, accessories, or on your nails, tribal art is a peculiar (in a good way) that looks good.
Being of Nigerian decent, I have always been familiar with tribal print. As a girl and teenager, my mother would always let us pick a fabric of choice (African Wax); and from there we would take it to the tailor to make beautiful outfits (dresses, play suits, pant suits, tops).
African Wax Designs from

African Wax at
As of late, I'd say the past three or four years, tribal wear has commercialized and I think it is hear to stay. It looks good on everybody!

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  1. Agreed. I think tribal inspired prints are here to stay. Pendleton makes some beautiful fabrics with those type of prints on them, and I have been wanting to buy a throw blanket in one of their prints to brighten up my living room. They carry some really gorgoeous ones at