Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rei Kawakubo to collaborate with Hermes for a Scarf Collection

Abstract, unique, and Hiroshima-chick, three ways to describe the artful work of Japanese Designer Rei Kawakubo.  As an untrained fashion designer with backgrounds in fine art and literature, much of the world’s aesthetic opinion of Kawakubo described her as an artist rather than a fashion designer. But soon after the launch of her fashion company, The Comme des Garcons, it is no surprise that many fashion houses appreciate the artist that she is and embrace it.

Kawakubo has worked with some of the best and most commercially successful brands and fashion houses to date: Fred Perry, Moncler, and H&M. In the last fashion handbag season she brought a fresh and artful éclair to Louis Vuitton by adding colored polka dots, shapes, and other contemporary concepts.

Thankfully, Louis Vuitton will not be the last luxurious collaboration that Kawakubo takes on. Most recently she has placed her unique stamp on French luxury brand Hermes and will design scarves. WWD reports that the collaboration, called Comme des Carres, will launch in February 2013. The collaboration has two limited edition collections: Noir et Blanc and Couleur.

Noir et Blanc is reminiscent to Kawakubo’s beginnings in fashion design for it features abstract black-and-white designs. It is set to exclusively sell in Tokyo, New York and Paris pricing out at 380 euros.  Coluleur, the second line, is reminiscent of Kawakubo’s the artist for it features six colorful scarves. It is set to exclusively sell in London and Tokyo. Hermes described the Coluleur collection as a hybrid, rewriting the traditional narratives of the Hermes carre; and includes geometric elements like giant patchwork, Vichy checks, and shirt stripes.  It will price out between 380 and 1600 euros. 

I love Rei Kawakubo btw!

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