Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pre-Fall Women's Trend Alert

1.   Lace – Racy Lacy gives a class and feminine touch and a touch of sex appeal no matter if the silhouette is a blouse, dress, shoe, bolero, or glove.

Photo By Thomas Iannaccone

2.   Pointy Shoes- The pointy shoe gives a strong and sharp finish to a nice pant. 

Photo By Thomas Iannaccone

3.    Rich Earthy Tones- Embrace the darker side of gorgeous by wearing rich earthy tones of wine, forest green, and black.

4. Texturize your Wardrobe-   This season is all about shearling vests, mink coats, leather, camel wool, and cashmere. 

Photo By J. Mendel

5.  Manicured Toe Fronts- whether a metallic or bold color, manicured toe fronts set fashion statement for your shoes.

6. Patterned Hosiery- Like lace, patterned hosiery creates a unique and sexy silhouette.

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