Monday, December 10, 2012

The Growing Impact of Social Media on Businesses
In this day and age the new marketing scheme for many businesses is using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). Social Media helps business market its brand, recruit, and connect with its consumers. According to, in a survey of just 600 small businesses, ninety percent of them use social media. On a larger scale sixty-six percent of business use social media nationwide.  But why is social media so important for a successful business?

The answer is as easy as it takes to sign up for a Twitter account and start “hash-tagging” your company name and products. IBM  says that with the effective use of social technologies, organizations can integrate and analyze massive amounts of data generated from people, devices and sensors and more easily align these insights to business processes to make faster, more accurate business decisions. This is why social media is so important. Furthermore, IBM says, “social technologies would be imbedded into the core business processes.”

So now let’s look at some social media statistics. Socially Aware Blog reports that social media accounts for eighteen percent of time spent online. 100% of Advertisers have established Face book pages for their brands. Fifty-six percent of people in the U.S. have a social networking profile and twenty-two percent of people in the U.S. use social media several times a day.

Take Twitter for instance. Twitter is a social media site in which users make status posts- nothing more nothing less. You can connect any user by using the “hashtag” in conjunction with whatever keyword you want. Socially Aware Blog states that a Twitter user spends 6.75 hours a month on Twitter. While 6.75 Hours is less than one day, it only takes a fraction of a second to tweet. In fact 50 Million tweets were made per day in 2010 with 1400% increase from 2009 according to Twitter Blog; and that number is increasing steadily.  So you can imagine that the average tweets a day today in 2012 are well over 50 million knowing that Twitter has grown.

Concluding, social media is a great bandwagon to jump on if you want to grow your business and make it more marketable. 

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